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Sep 10

Shooting a 1911 Pistol Underwater

In this video, Heather shoots a Remington 1911 pistol underwater, straight at her GoPro camera! This is a very cool look at what happens to a bullet when fired underwater!  

Mar 04

Mossberg 500 Tactical vs Watermelon

Heather does some watermelon shooting with her Mossberg 500 Tactical shotgun.

Sep 12

Propane Bottle Explosion In Slow Motion

Heather blowing more stuff up! This time she shoots a propane bottle and creates a huge explosion.

Sep 01

1911 Pistol Underwater Slow Motion Shoot

Heather shows off her new GoPro camera with some slow motion underwater shots fired from a 1911 pistol.

Aug 07

Heather Shooting Food

Heather is shooting food again, this time with a variety of calibers.

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