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Oct 27

Hornady ELD-X Bullet with Heat Shield Tip

An overview of new products from Hornady including the Hornady ELD-X Bullet with Heat Shield Tip, American Gunner rifle ammunition, Safe Cycle empty chamber indicator and load assist device, and new RAPiD Safe features.  

Oct 21

Hornady Announcement Teaser

Hornady has just released this teaser video that discusses a major development in technology. The official announcement is scheduled for 10/27/15. Can’t wait to find out what it is!

Jul 03

Hornady American Gunner Bulk Ammunition

I love this new promo for Hornady American Gunner Bulk Ammunition. This is a perfect example that not all advertisements have to cost a fortune!  

Sep 09

Hornady GMX Bullet Commercial

The new commercial for the Hornady GMX bullet. The GMX features copper allow construction, crimping cannelure and pressure relieving grooves, and high weight-retention. Hornady GMX Features: Copper Alloy Construction One-piece copper alloy won’t separate and delivers devastating terminal performance, deep penetration and 95% weight retention. Crimping Cannelure and Pressure Relieving Grooves Reduces both bearing surface …

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Oct 31

Hornady RAPiD Safe

Introducing the Hornady RAPiD Safe, a revolutionary concept in firearm protection that combines intuitive ease of access with safety and security.

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