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Jul 22

Springfield XD Mod 2 Pistol

A review and range demo of the Springfield XD Mod 2 pistol. The XD Mod 2 is available in 9mm, .40SW, and .45ACP. The 9mm version is shown in this video. Also shown is the Smith & Wesson M&P9C and Shield. Springfield XD Mod.2 Sub-Compact: CALIBER: 9x19MM .40SW .45ACP CAPACITY: 9x19MM 13+1 Rds 16+1 Rds w/X-Tension™ 12+1 …

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Jul 03

Taurus Curve Review

A review of the Taurus Curve pistol, including field strip. The Taurus 180 Curve is a .380 pistol that is engineered to fit the contours of your body. Also shown is the Ruger LC9s Pro. Taurus 180 Curve Pistol Specs: Model: 180CRV Finish: Matte Blue Status: Coming Soon Caliber: .380 ACP Grips: Polymer with Metallic Subframe UPC: …

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