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Dec 12

Arsenal AK74 Modifications

GunznGear shows off some of his Arsenal AK74 modifications, including a Midwest Industries forearm, MFT Engage pistol grip, Krebs Custom AMD Adapter block, ACE Folding Stock Mechanism, and Mississippi Auto Arms stock.

Nov 16

Conceal Carry Revolvers

GunznGear discusses some of his favorite conceal carry revolvers, including a few Smith & Wesson revolvers, a Ruger, and a Colt.

Aug 07

Red Dot Sights Can Fail

GunznGear shares an experience in which his red dot sights failed. His message – don’t forget to train with your iron sights!

Jul 18

Buyer’s Guide – Home Defense Handguns

The GunznGear channel reviews some options for home defense handguns, including both revolvers and semi-automatics.

Jul 17

Sig 556 vs Watermelon

I just can’t get enough of fruit being destroyed via firearms. This time it is the Sig 556 vs a watermelon! Sig 556 Specs (Sig 556 Classic Model): Caliber: 5.56mm NATO   Overall Length: 35.875″   length w/Stock Folded: 27.1″   Barrel Length: 16″   Rifling: 1 in 7″   Sight Radius: 18.1″   Forearm: …

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