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Nov 30

Pistol Reload with Injured Support Hand

Combat medic Ryan demonstrates how to reload your pistol after it has gone dry if your support hand has been injured.

Oct 22

Firearm Training – Figure 8 Drill

Ryan from Funker Tactical TV demonstrates the Figure 8 Drill. The Figure 8 drill improves your ability to shoot/fire on the move, transition on the move while sharpening situational awareness.

Oct 03

Bravo Concealment Holster – Super Cheesy Infomercial

Tired of being disarmed by street magicians? Then you need to check out the Bravo Concealment Holster Infomercial.

Sep 18

Shotgun Speed Shooting

Some impressive shotgun speed shooting with an unmodified Benelli M4 on steel targets. Rumor has it that this is not his fastest time. The record breaking time is suppose to be be broadcast this Sunday. Stay tuned!

Sep 17

What Can We Learn From Call of Duty Video Games

Firearms and tactical instructor Earl Green weighs in on what we can and can’t learn from games like Call of Duty.

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