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Nov 06

Federal Premium Fusion Rifle Ammunition

An overview of Federal Premium Fusion Rifle ammunition. The construction process of Fusion ammo electrochemically fuses the bullet jacket to the core for impressive weight retention and game-dropping energy transfer. Federal Premium Fusion Rifle: Skived tip: provides long range expansion potential plus short range toughness. No conventional technology delivers this combination. Pressure-formed core: Achieves combination of expansion …

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Sep 27

Federal Premium HST Ammunition

A look at how Federal Premium HST ammunition compares to its competitors in FBI Protocol testing. The test pistol used is a Glock 21.

Sep 27

The Perfect Hunting Bullet

Federal Premium Ammo Insider Mike Holm explains the construction of common hunting bullet designs and reveals how to choose the perfect one for your hunt.

Dec 17

Handgun Ammunition Options

The ammo experts at Federal Premium explain the differences between handgun ammunition and their intended purposes. Learn what FMJ, TMJ, and JHP means as far as target shooting/plinking and personal defense applications.

Jul 11

Gunslick Pro Clean Bore Commercial

You may not hunt hogs for a living like Brian “Pigman” Quaca, but you may still be interested in this Gunslick Pro Clean Bore commercial.