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Nov 11

Aegis Armory Sheath and Guardian Kydex Gun Holsters

Falia takes a look at the Aegis Armory Sheath and Guardian Kydex gun holsters.

Nov 04

Concealed Carry Gun Purse

Falia reviews a concealed carry gun purse by Concealed Chic and shows off some other gun concealment options.

Sep 02

UnderTech Undercover Compression Concealment Shorts

Falia reviews the UnderTech Undercover Compression Concealment Shorts.

Aug 29

TangoDown iO Cover for Aimpoint Micro

A review of the Tango Down iO Cover for the Aimpoint Micro T-1. The iO Cover fits Aimpoint T-1/H-1/R-1 Optics.

Jul 26

BCM AR-15 Update

Falia showing off some changes she has recently made to her BCM AR-15 (aka Sprinkles).

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