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Jan 22

300 Blackout AR15 Review

Crucible Arms reviews their new 300 Blackout AR15 rifle, with AAC upper, Knight’s Armament Rail, Palmetto State Armory Lower with Magpul stock and grip, Timney Trigger, and Nikon P-300 scope.

Aug 25

Sino-Soviet SKS Rifle

Sino-Soviet SKS rifles were manufactured during the first half of 1956 when the Soviets shipped all the Soviet parts, drawings, and tooling to the Jianshe Arsenal (#26). They also had Soviet advisers who helped regulate the factories and provided the design specifications. Later in 1956, the Soviets left and the Chinese were on their own producing …

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Aug 22

Clip vs Magazine

Clip vs Magazine… two of the most commonly confused words in gun terminology. Despite what some think, they are not the same! This video from Crucible Arms does a great job of explaining the difference. Not everyone is knowledgeable when it comes to guns (obviously). Please share this video… with any luck, maybe we can …

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Jul 19

Firearms Training – The Right Way

Crucible Arms discusses proper firearms training.

Apr 05

Boberg XR9-S Review

A review, field strip, and range test of the Boberg XR9-S “Shorty” pistol. Boberg XR9-S Specs: Caliber: 9mm / 9mm+P Capacity: 7+1 Length: 5.1” Height: 4.2” Width: 0.96” Weight: 17.5 oz with Magazine (Unloaded) Barrel Length: 3.35”; Extended 4.2″ Sold Separately Action: Rotating-Barrel Locked-Breech Sights: Low Profile, Dovetail Windage; 4.4″ Radius Trigger Type: Long-Pull/Reset DAO; …

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