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Jul 28

Testing the 300 Blk Feet Per Second

Using a chrono to test velocity of a 300 Blk using a 16″ barrel suppressed with a Liberty Freedom.

Jul 22

22 Suppressor – Kodiak TL

The Kodiak TL .22 Suppressor on a Sig 1911-22. The Kodiak TL is manufactured by Liberty Suppressors.

Jul 01

Shooting 600 yards with a YHM 30 Cal Phantom Suppressor

A quick video demonstrating a YHM 30 Cal Phantom Suppressor.

Jul 03

300 Blackout Suppressor

The Leonidas suppressor is built to maximize the performance of the 300 Blackout cartridge for absolute suppression. For more information on the Leonidas Suppressor, visit Liberty Suppressors.