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Oct 12

Gorilla Ammunition 223 Remington 77gr Sierra MatchKing

Berz reviews the .223 Remington, 77gr Sierra MatchKing ammo from Gorilla Ammunition. Gorilla Ammunition .223 Remington, 77gr Sierra MatchKing Specs: Caliber = 223 Remington Projectile = 77gr Sierra MatchKing Muzzle Velocity = 2540 FPS Muzzle Energy = 1102 ft/lbs  

Mar 05

Hidden Hybrid Holsters Standard Holster

A review of the Standard Holster (HHH S1) from Hidden Hybrid Holsters.

Nov 26

Tactical Tailor Fight Light Plate Carrier Setup

Berz goes over the configuration of his Tactical Tailor Fight Light Plate Carrier.

Nov 05

Phillips Brothers Kydex Holsters

A look at a Kydex holster from Phillips Brothers.

Sep 26

Tactical Tailor 2 Point Padded Sling

A review of the Tactical Tailor 2 Point Padded Sling. The entire body of the sling is constructed of a proprietary elastic nylon material, which allows for extra freedom of movement while transitioning to dynamic stances and still keeping the weapon close to the body when relaxed. A quick adjust feature allows the user to …

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