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Aug 12

20 Gauge Shotgun Melon Massacre

You’ve got a 20 gauge shotgun, and leftover melons from the garden. What comes next is obvious!

Dec 07

In The Red Exploding Targets Demo

Don’t let the size fool you… this is an explosion from only 3 oz of In The Red Exploding Targets!

Oct 31

Zach’s Gun Belts

A look at a custom, handcrafted gun belt from Zach’s Gun Belts.

Sep 06

H&R 20 Gauge Rifled Slug Shooting

An H&R 20 gauge shotgun, rifled slugs, steel targets, and Dr Thunder… good times!

Aug 15

TruGlo Glo Dot II Fiber Optic Shotgun Sight

The TRUGLO Glo Dot II Universal sight tested on an H&R shotgun.

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