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May 20

Century Arms C308 Sporter Rifle Review

A review of the Century Arms C308 Sporter rifle, including range demo and field strip. The HotShot Elite 7.62×51 ammo used in this video is available at Lucky Gunner. Century Arms C308 Specs: Century SKU: RI2253-X UPC: 787450280762 Description: CENTURY ARMS C308 Rifle Caliber: .308 Capacity: 5 / 20 rds. Receiver: Stamped Barrel: 18″ with …

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Jan 18

Century Arms C308

From the Century Arms media event, an overview and range demo of the new Century Arms C308 semi-automatic rifle.

Jan 18

Century Arms Range Demo

Jeff Quinn visits James Yeager’s Tactical Response training facility in Camden, TN to check out some new American-made rifles and pistols from Century Arms. Century Arms products highlighted include the C308, Canik TP9 SA, and RAS47. Four Rules of Gun Safety: All guns are always loaded. Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to …

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Nov 29

Springfield Armory SAR-3 Rifle

A review of the Springfield Armory SAR-3 Rifle, including field strip and range demo. The ammo used during this test is PPU .308. Also shown is the FAL and CETME Sporter.

Nov 03

CETME 308 Semi-Auto Rifle

1957Shep discusses and shoots a CETME .308 semi-auto rifle.

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