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Mar 10

Improve Shooting Range Performance with a Tactical Beard

Have you found that you just aren’t reaching your full potential at the shooting range? It may be time to consider a Temporary Tactical Beard!

Jan 18

Custom Mosin Nagant Range Test

Eric and Chad test a custom Mosin Nagant. This rifle features a stock from Bluegrass Stock Company, RSI Bolt Handle and Mosin Nagant MI-24C 91/30 Rail System,Timney Trigger, and Zeiss Conquest Riflescope.

Jan 13

Sig 556Xi Russian

As a follow-up to the malfunction-filled initial test of the Sig 556Xi Russian, Military Arms Channel begins testing with a completely new rifle. The 7.62×39 ammo (Wolf and PMC) used during testing was provided by Lucky Gunner. SIG556xi Standard Specs: Item Number: R556xi-16B-C, R556xi-16B-S Caliber: 5.56mm NATO Overall Length: 35.8 in / 912.9 mm Rifling: …

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Jan 03

Sig 556xi vs IWI Galil Ace

A range demo of the Sig 556xi and the IWI Galil Ace. Both rifles are chambered in 7.62x39mm. The target cameras used during this video are from TargetCam.

Oct 08

Custom K31 Sporter

Eric and Chad test a custom K31 Sporter. Upgrades include a Rock Solid Industries scope mount, Bluegrass gun stock, Hammerli trigger, and Zeiss riflescope.

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