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May 12

22LR vs Windshield

TWANGnBANG tests the 22LR against a windshield. The test rifles include a Savage FV-SR (equipped with a Liberty Infiniti Silencer) and a Ruger 10/22 Takedown. Visit our friends at Liberty Suppressors to see their full line of suppressors.

Apr 19

Boyd’s Tacticool Stock for Savage Mark II FV-SR Rifle

TWANGnBANG takes a look at the Boyds’ Tacticool Stock for the Savage Mark II FV-SR rifle. Also shown is the MKII Tacticool Stock & Bottom Metal Deluxe Kit from Diversified Innovative Products. The Gun Vise used while installing the stock is the P3 Ultimate Gun Vise from CTK Precision. Savage Mark II FV-SR Specs: SKU: …

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Apr 02

9mm Liberty Infiniti Suppressor on 22LR Rifle

A demonstration of the Liberty Infiniti Suppressor on a Savage Mk II FV-SR rifle, chambered in 22LR. For more information, visit Liberty Suppressors. Liberty Infiniti Suppressor Specs: Caliber Rating: 22 Hornet, 22 K Hornet, 32-20, 357 MAG, 221 Fireball, 32 S&W, Long 32 H&R, Magnum 380, 9X18 9X19, (Base Caliber) 38 Super, 38 Special, 38 S&W, 357 …

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Dec 29

Savage Mark II FV-SR Review

An overview and range demo of the Savage Mark II FV-SR bolt-action rifle. Savage Mark II FV-SR Specs: SKU: 28702 Caliber: 22 LR Handed: Right Rate of Twist: 16 Weight: 5.5 lbs Overall Length: 35.25” Barrel Length: 16.5” Ammo Capacity: 5