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Jul 02

Defending the Texas Countryside with the M60E6 Belt-Fed Machine Gun

Armed with an M60E6 belt-fed machine gun, Hickok45 patrols the Texas countryside subjecting rouge 2 liter bottles to full-auto fire. US Ordnance M60E6 General Purpose Machine Gun Specs: Caliber: 7.62mm NATO Max Effective Range: 1100 Meters (1200 yds) Max Range: 3725 Meters (4075 yds) Muzzle Velocity: 853 m/s (2800 fps) Rate of Fire (cyclic): 500 – 650 Rounds …

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Nov 17

2015 NASGW Show – New Gun Products Part 2

Jeff Quinn looks at new products from the 2015 NASGW (National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers) show. This episode features gun products from Colt, DoubleTap Ammunition, TNW Firearms, Armscor, Faxon Firearms, Excel Arms, Cimarron Firearms, Century Arms, Davide Pedersoli, Ohio Ordnance Works, XS Sight Systems, Honor Defense, Auto Ordnance, UTAS, and Weatherby.  

Mar 20

Thompson 1927A-1

A look at the Thompson 1927A-1, the semi-automatic replica of the legendary Tommy Gun. Also shown is the Kahr CT45 pistol. Thompson 1927A-1 Specifications: Models T1, T1100D, T150D, T1D / T5, T5100D T1B, T1B100D, T1B50D T1-C Caliber .45 ACP .45 ACP .45 ACP Barrel 16.5″, Finned (with compensator 18″) 16.5″, Finned (with compensator 18″) 16.5″, Finned …

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Feb 05

Blunt Force Trauma with Body Armor

Military Arms Channel demonstrates the the blunt force trauma that can be experienced from a gun shot while wearing body armor. The body armor used in this test is from Spartan Body Armor. The test pistols include an Auto Ordnance 1911A1, Sig P226 Mk-25, and a Tokarev . The ammo used includes Hornady Critical Duty .45 ACP …

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Oct 01

Kahr YouTube Video Long-Range Shooting Contest

Kahr® to Sponsor Long-Range Shooting Contest Pomona, NY – If you believe that you have earned bragging rights with your long-range shooting skills, now is the time to share it with YouTube fans. Kahr Firearms Group invites all shooters, 18-years or older, to participate in the Kahr 2014 YouTube Video Long-Range Shooting Contest. Bragging rights …

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