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Jul 06

Block of Magnesium vs 50 BMG

Demolition Ranch finds out what happens when you shoot a block of aluminum with various calibers, including 9mm, 5.56, 338 Lapua Magnum, and 50 BMG.

Aug 15

Tara and the Armalite AR-50

Tara returns to the range to give the Armalite AR-50 rifle a try. The AR-50 is a .50 BMG single shot bolt action rifle.

Jun 25

Armalite AR-180 Rifle

In this episode of American Rifleman Television’s I Have This Old Gun, we get a look at the Armalite AR-180 Rifle. The AR-180 is the semi-automatic version of the Armalite AR-18.

Jan 22

2015 SHOT Show – Day 1

From the 2015 SHOT Show, Jeff Quinn gives us a look at new products from Ruger, Lipsey’s, Tactical Solutions, Armalite, Freedom Arms, Crimson Trace, Taylor’s & Co, Kahr Arms, American Tactical Imports, and Hogue.

Jan 20

SHOT Show Media Day at the Range Part 1

Jeff Quinn tests new products at the SHOT Show Media Day at the Range. Products Shown are from Glock, Springfield Armory, Browning, Winchester, Rock Island Armory, Inland Manufacturing, Just Right Carbines, American Tactical Imports, Devil Dog Arms, Ashbury Precision Ordnance, Airforce Airguns, Barrett, Savage, Leupold, Nosler, Armalite, Ruger, Slide Fire Solutions, DoubleStar, and Alexander Arms.

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