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Mar 08

BearCat Mounted Minigun vs Body Armor Plates

FullMag is at the range to find out how many rounds he can get on body armor plates with a BearCat mounted minigun.  

Mar 04

So, You Want to Be an AK Operator?

We learn a lot from Demolition Ranch videos… and this video is no exception. Watch as he showcases basic AK Operator skills with the Century RH10. The 9mm pistol shown is a Canik TP9SF.  

Feb 19

Kevlar vs 50 BMG

More gun science from Demolition Ranch. This time he is testing Kevlar against various calibers, including .44 Magnum and 50 BMG.  

May 19

AR500 Body Armor vs Cannon

We’ve seen a lot of reviews of AR500 Body Armor, and it always does very well. But in this video, Eric and Chad step it up a bit when they put AR500 Armor up against a 37mm cannon.

May 18

Setting Up Your Range Bag

Arriving at the shooting range, only to discover that you’ve forgotten some critical gear, is extremely frustrating. In this video, Sootch gives some tips for setting up your range bag. Products shown from our friends at CTK Precision include the P3 Ultimate Shooting Rest and the P3 Ultimate Target Stand.

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