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Feb 13

AR-15 Gun Art

An AR-15 rifle, art, and Kirsten Joy Weiss… This video has it all! Watch as Kirsten creates her AR-15 Gun Art masterpiece!      

Jan 17

Guns in Movies and TV

Guns in Movies… Larry Zanoff of Independent Studio Services gives us a look at some of the guns his R&D shop has modified for use in movies and TV. He also explains what it’s like to work on the set of a film and why his guns have to work flawlessly. You may recognize a few of these …

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Jan 06

Negan’s Bat “Lucille” vs 9mm from Arex Rex Zero 1 Pistol

I can’t deny that I’ve become a big fan of The Walking Dead. That’s why I am so appreciative of Demolition Ranch for answering this important question: Can Negan’s bat “Lucille” stop a 9mm bullet? The 9mm pistol used to test Lucille is an Arex Rex Zero 1.    

Mar 01

Belt-Fed M240L Machine Gun Pig Hunt

The Military Arms Channel gives us a look at some of the equipment he used during his East Texas pig hunt, including a belt-fed M250L machine gun, Griffin Armament suppressors, and Armasight night vision and thermal imaging.  

Dec 10

Vader vs Miculek – Star Wars Guns Teaser Trailer

In this Star Wars Guns trailer, Jerry Miculek comes face to face with Lord VaderĀ andĀ learns a terrible truth.  

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