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Aug 19

Willow Shooting a Colt AR-15 Rifle

Willow lays down some fire at the farm with an AR-15 rifle. Her rifle of choice is a Colt AR-15 A-2 Match Grade H-BAR.     

May 12

Glock 43 vs Sig P365

Mrs Nutnfancy is at the range to compare the Glock 43 and the Sig P365. The ammo used during this review is American Eagle 9mm FMJ. The Glock 43 holster shown is from Fierce Defender Holsters. Visit ArmsVault for the latest Gun News! Glock 43: Caliber: 9×19 System: Safe Action Length: 159 mm / 6.26 …

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Apr 17

Full-Auto Suppressed Mini UZI

In this shooting range video, LeaSpeed6 treats us to a full-auto demo of a suppressed Mini UZI. Mini UZI: Caliber: 9x19mm Weight: 2.7 kg Length: 360 mm (stock closed) / 600 mm (stock open) Barrel Length: 197 mm Rate of Fire: 950 rounds/min Magazine Capacity: 20, 25, 32 Effective Range: 100 meters  

Sep 12

Tiffany Shooting the Smith & Wesson 686 Revolver

Watch Tiffany as she shoots the Smith & Wesson 686 Revolver in 357 Magnum.    

Jul 25

Julia Steel Shooting a Marlin Model 1894 Lever-Action Rifle

Watch Julia Steel as she gets in some shooting range time with a Marlin Model 1894 Lever-Action Rifle.  

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