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Gun training videos.

Jul 08

SCATT MX-02 Live Fire Trainer

Kirsten Joy Weiss gives us a look at the SCATT MX-02 Live Fire Trainer, a computer-based shooting trainer intended for shooting practice with real paper targets.

Jun 17

Basic Gun Terminology

Kevin Michalowski, Executive Editor of Concealed Carry Magazine, explains some basic gun terminology, including striker-fired, hammer-fired, double-stack and single stack. Learn more gun terminology at the ArmsVault Gun Glossary.  

May 22

Nikki Gets Some AR-15 Rifle Training

Nikki Seven’s AR-15 rifle build is complete, now she gets some training on magazine changes.

Apr 29

Off Hand Shooting Tips

Mrgunsngear demonstrates and discusses some techniques for one handed, off hand shooting. The pistol used during the demo is a Vickers Tactical Signature Glock 19.

Apr 11

Larry Vickers 1-Day AK Operators Class

Mrgunsngear discusses his experience with the Larry Vickers 1-Day AK Operators Class and gives us a look at some of the video footage.

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